Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let it Be

June 4
3 hours of class this morning...
it was my first day of dish crew too. 
But wait,
silver lining
I got first choice at breakfast.
My favorite?
Banana yogurt with chocolate flakes

These muller babies have become

 a definer of my London experience.
You can't have a bad day,
when you start off with these.

We had to recite another poem today.
Ohhh how I love our TA
Paige Thompson,
P.T. Cruiser.
She is the best to recite poetry too.
This time I did Wordsworth's poem,
"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge."
My lovely friend Amanda Baugh and I
had a 
marvelous time 
trying to memorize it. 
Weird Kelsey-like sound effects included. 
It was time to go
back to Portobello Road.
This was the first time where I 
stop myself for a moment.
I stood there and realized that this may be
my last time on this street.
I made sure to 
seize the day.
That meant eating 
black bottom cupcakes 
from Hummingbird Bakery.
  I had heard
that these were the
Who knew that the treats within this box
would hold so much joy?
These were our final seconds
before the world of cupcakes as we knew it
would change...
Soo soo delicious.
Let me add,
that I'm not a huge cupcake person.
So this,
this is a big deal.
I just wanted to dance
and sing
and twirl
and possibly frolic. 
MaCall and I went back 
to buy another one
just twenty minutes later.
And to add to the joy
we went back to see our very favorite gal,
Cath Kidston
MaCall was just a little torn 
about which bag to buy
so she confided
in this lovely chap.
Woot woot.
and we both left happy!
 Oh Cath Kidston,
how we will miss you so. 
But we have our matching bags now
to always keep you,
and London,
near and dear
to our hearts. 
Little did I know
that tonight I would be seeing
Sir Elton John,
Stevie Wonder
and Sir Paul McCartney.
Everyone is in town
to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.
I saw them broadcasted live
Hyde Park,
One of my favorite places 
in the whole wide world.
It was a splendid night of  
wavin' flags,

 creepy yet somewhat awesome Queen masks,
 a fabulous British host
who made fun of Americans for 
"sitting and eating their peanut butter and jelly"

 ...he said, it's "jam."
but come on, 
we just can't call it peanut butter and jam!

it was a night full of music.

I will never
never ever forget
when Paul McCartney sang 
"Let it Be." 

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
I truly feel blessed
that I am here in London
at this time
and tonight, 
that I was at Hyde Park,
singing "Let it Be"
underneath the stars,
surrounded by thousands of
happy and proud Brits.
 And either I cried,
or a huge gust of dust went into my eye,
from pure happiness.

Thank you London,
for one of the best nights

Friday, June 29, 2012

Diamonds are Forever

June 3
Before I came to London
 I would hear of
Queen Elizabeth the 2nd
and tend to think of
The Parent Trap...
(once again)
"We met on the QE2
 It's an ocean liner that sails from London to New York."

Queen Elizabeth the Second
is so, so
oh so so so
much more than that.
She has been the reigning Queen now for
60 years.
Woah baby!
And to celebrate
the Brits threw her one smashing party.
It lasted the whole weekend.
Talk about a loved woman!
And now I can honestly say,
I love her too.

Thank you for inviting us to your big party!

Here's Lauren and I with our own
Diamond Jubilee Flags

Today after church
a group of us went down to the
Thames River
(pronounced Tems)
and parked it right in front 
of the Tate Modern
to see the river-boat parade.
And man oh man was it packed
with people
British pride.

Look, you can even see Amanda and Bronwyn
in front of this lady with the lovely hat.

To help us endure 
climbing through the masses of
the Centre provided us with food to make 
our own sack lunches.
That didn't last too long.
Not just the food..
(I mean, there were Snickers bars in there!)
but also the bags.
Jaden and I had a hard time coping at first.
then we realized we were in London
at the 
Queen's Diamond Jubilee,
and we couldn't help but smile
and take a picture
to remember this moment forever!

Other moments to remember...

We wanted to actually see
the Royal Family 
and the beautiful Thames
in all its glory.
But where to go?
There really were people

Ey yo Tarzan?
People were in the trees...

really anything that could hold you 
up into the London sky
was taken...

Except for 
our own secret weapon...
our huge muscles.
Oh yes,
we took turns holding each other up.
Probably one of my 
memories in London.


Right when we were ready
and heading back to the Centre for the night 
we had to stop because on the next boat
the Queen!
And just how did we know it was her?
I think it was all of the adorable kids screaming.
"God Save the Queen!"
at the top of their lungs
 that tipped us off.
I absolutely love 
how much 
the people love 
her Majesty, the Queen.

Getting to back to the Tube was 
The rain was pouring down.
 dancing and singing.
I was so completely soaked
I didn't bother putting my hood on,
and I danced 
and I sang 
right along with them.

Happy Diamond Jubilee and Happy Sunday to Everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

At Wem-buh-lee

June 2
Do I love soccer?
do I love football?
Oh how I love football.
My first team ever
was back in Washington.
We were called
 the Breezers.
Do I have a Pochahantas hairtie in my side ponytail?
Once again,

I loved playing soccer.
I still love playing soccer.
But now I can say
I love football too.
I love football in England.
and most especially

Thanks to my buddy Romm,
I got to dance like a fool
out of pure excitedness
because he let me have one of his extra tickets

...Wembley Stadium.
Or as I like to say in my raps
to make it rhyme with things...
(This was taken after I stopped
dancing to "like a G6"
in the middle of the street.)
Here I am with the kind man himself
in the
19th row
just before the game.
I felt like a little kid at Disneyland.
I have been dreaming of going to
ever since I can remember.
And probably since even before I can remember.
Thanks again Romm,
you're the best!
It all started with
"God Save the Queen."
Attached to everyone's seat was a
piece of red or white paper.
We were asked to hold them up
when the national anthem started to play.
And when we all did
it made the England flag.
I have to admit I felt some British pride.
Just a tid bit :)
Here's the England vs. Belgium lineup before the game.
And it wasn't too long until
my main man
David Wilbeck scored.
And that's the way the score stayed for the rest of the game
Cheers to England!
I was happy with that.
Oh yes indeedy I was.
one thing I've learned about London
is to expect the unexpected.
Everything here is unreal.
Like seeing David Beckham
and my personal favorite moment of the night
seeing my main squeeze
Wayne Rooney
play the second half.
Here he is reppin the 2-0!
Listening to the crowds cheer
"Rooney, Rooney, Rooney!"
was so much fun!
Except I didn't just listen,
I cheered,
And I was so excited,
I'm pretty sure even Rooney himself
may have been able to hear me!
At least I hope so.
It was such an amazing night.
I can't wait until I get to come back
only 1 week from today
to see some more of my favorite
...also known as...
J Beibs, Usher, Jessie J and Coldplay.
Thank you Wembley!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Peeta enjoys runs through Hyde Park, Double-decker buses and a nice cup of Fro-Yo

June 1
where did May go?
June is a big month for me too.
I come home,
I start my internship,
and I get to work on wedding plans
no no not me, I didn't meet a British man :)
they're for my big brother and his adorable wife-to-be, Casey.

I started out the day with a 
run through Hyde Park
flyin' solo.
First song to kick it all off?
"What Makes You Beautiful."
Oh One Direction
MaCall and I think you are beautiful.

I have come to love Hyde Park.
This part is my favorite.
Plus, remember the picture of the 
awkward hugging bears statue,
the ones I named Polly and Rufus?
They live just right around the corner.

  I had to stop here for a minute
and just walk around.
I love the fountains, the people there, and the view of the pond.
All the while thinking of Wordsworth's words,
"Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty." 
I've had a lot of moments like that here
where I've just had to stop and look around
reminding myself of where I am.
Kinda like a remix of "Stop in the name of love,"
but more like
"Stop in the name of London, before it's June 14th."

Today I also went to Greenwich!
That was one of the things on my list to do.
We took a boat there and everything!
This is Amanda
and I think she is soooo sweet.
Plus she's going to the Summertime Ball with
MaCall, Lauren and I.

And see these shoes...
and these feet...
they have walked
and walked,
and walked
(with much swagger nonetheless)

First stop?
That's been a fun experience here.
We try to never go to the same place twice.
And this place...
well I don't think we'll ever see
 one like this again.

The Big Red.
Yummiest Margarita pizza
in a double-decker bus. 
I highly enjoyed myself.

And then...
...cue movie trailer soundtrack...
we stepped on the Prime Meridian 

 That's where the line of longitude is defined as
We couldn't stop laughing while we took this
for some reason.
I guess that line is just a good joke teller.

And here's the Jader-bug and I!
She calls me Kesley.

We've decided we can give each other 
since we're just that tight.
We're top bunk buddies and
she wakes me up in the morning
since I am without an alarm clock.
I just love her.
 When we got back to London,
there was only one thing on our mind...
working out,
frozen yogurt!
I mean never
has frozen yogurt ever been so full
of such deliciousness!
Strawberries, kiwis, mangoes and blueberries?
Yes, please.

And what better way to end the night
than with
Peter Pan.

I would have written 
because that way it sounds more British...
 now that Hunger Games are
swooping the nation
that's not the first thought.
No, no.
Peeta equals British Peter.
Peeta equals Katniss Baker Boy.

 Today was so much fun.
I really have learned that 
is ever 
a waste of time.
We can choose how we remember our time.
And I plan on remembering it
with a smile.