Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let it Be

June 4
3 hours of class this morning...
it was my first day of dish crew too. 
But wait,
silver lining
I got first choice at breakfast.
My favorite?
Banana yogurt with chocolate flakes

These muller babies have become

 a definer of my London experience.
You can't have a bad day,
when you start off with these.

We had to recite another poem today.
Ohhh how I love our TA
Paige Thompson,
P.T. Cruiser.
She is the best to recite poetry too.
This time I did Wordsworth's poem,
"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge."
My lovely friend Amanda Baugh and I
had a 
marvelous time 
trying to memorize it. 
Weird Kelsey-like sound effects included. 
It was time to go
back to Portobello Road.
This was the first time where I 
stop myself for a moment.
I stood there and realized that this may be
my last time on this street.
I made sure to 
seize the day.
That meant eating 
black bottom cupcakes 
from Hummingbird Bakery.
  I had heard
that these were the
Who knew that the treats within this box
would hold so much joy?
These were our final seconds
before the world of cupcakes as we knew it
would change...
Soo soo delicious.
Let me add,
that I'm not a huge cupcake person.
So this,
this is a big deal.
I just wanted to dance
and sing
and twirl
and possibly frolic. 
MaCall and I went back 
to buy another one
just twenty minutes later.
And to add to the joy
we went back to see our very favorite gal,
Cath Kidston
MaCall was just a little torn 
about which bag to buy
so she confided
in this lovely chap.
Woot woot.
and we both left happy!
 Oh Cath Kidston,
how we will miss you so. 
But we have our matching bags now
to always keep you,
and London,
near and dear
to our hearts. 
Little did I know
that tonight I would be seeing
Sir Elton John,
Stevie Wonder
and Sir Paul McCartney.
Everyone is in town
to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.
I saw them broadcasted live
Hyde Park,
One of my favorite places 
in the whole wide world.
It was a splendid night of  
wavin' flags,

 creepy yet somewhat awesome Queen masks,
 a fabulous British host
who made fun of Americans for 
"sitting and eating their peanut butter and jelly"

 ...he said, it's "jam."
but come on, 
we just can't call it peanut butter and jam!

it was a night full of music.

I will never
never ever forget
when Paul McCartney sang 
"Let it Be." 

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
I truly feel blessed
that I am here in London
at this time
and tonight, 
that I was at Hyde Park,
singing "Let it Be"
underneath the stars,
surrounded by thousands of
happy and proud Brits.
 And either I cried,
or a huge gust of dust went into my eye,
from pure happiness.

Thank you London,
for one of the best nights

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